Barbarian Witch


Magdala grew up in the shadow of Karvosti, the plateau of the High Chieftain in Davokar. She lived a happy life, spending time with the elders to learn the deep secrets of the forest.

Her innate talent with magic, however, was not seen in a positive light – the cheiftain believed the corruption of her magic was too deep within her soul to allow her to stay. She joined a small group of outcasts who formed a hex circle and continued her studies.

On the day of her initation, the ritual was cut short by an abomination springing forth from the depths of the forest. In the heat of the battle, Magdala found her inner beast and was able to shape shift into a wolf and ultimately helped defeat their enemy. This was taken as a message from Davokar that she is meant to protect the forest.

When the Great War occurred, she joined a group of mercenaries – and now she intends to head back towards her home.


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