Goblin Treasure-Hunter


Shadow: Red as oxygenated blood (corruption: 0)
Traits: Pariah, Short-lived, Survival Instinct (novice)
Stats: Accurate: 10, Cunning: 5, Discreet: 13, Persuasive: 7, Quick: 15, Resolute: 9, Strong: 11, Vigilant: 10
Abilities: Polearm mastery (novice), Polearm mastery (adapt), Ritualist (novice. Familiar)
Weapons: Dagger 1d6 (short), Spear1d10 (long), Crossbow 1d10 (ranged)
Armor: Leather gown 1d4 (impeding)
Defense: 13
Treasure: 5 Shilings
Toughness: 11
Pain Threshold: 6
Equipment: Camp Equipment, 3 ortegs
Experience Points: 3

Kverula, The Wild Sow


Race: Beast (sow)
Traits: Armored (I), Natural weapon (I)
Stats: Accurate 11, Cunning 7, Discreet 9, Persuasive 5, Quick 13, Resolute 10, Strong 15, Vigilant 10
Weapons: Tusks 1d6 (short)
Armor: Skin 1d4 (flexible)
Defense: 13
Pain Threshold: 8


Fenya was born and raised in the goblin village of Karabbadokk, where his family settled down when the rest of the tribe joined a band of robbers held up in the forests of Mervidun. When he could not find work in Thistle Hold, the alluring city in which he never got to set foot, he left Karabbadokk in search of a better life. He has to make haste – he has aready reached the age of five and life is short!


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