Searching for Symbaroum

Fenya Travel Journal - Entry 2

Day 2 – We left this morning and headed into the foothills. The mountains in the distance look difficult but the weather is good and I'm hoping for easy travel. We had a good day of travel and then setup camp. Adera, a magic user we met today, raised the alarm of "Thieves!" soon after we set camp. She was bathing in a nearby stream and someone stole "the sun stone." Arguesto asked us to go find it. And that we cannot continue without it. It is an artifact that will keep us warm in the extreme climate of the mountains. Orlan and Lesho spoke with some of the teamsters and found out that a man named Keller was talking about some sort of hideout and he is now missing. We follow a set of tracks that lead away from the river. On the way Orlan sprang a trap and was injured. Two logs swung down and slammed into him. We moved forward towards a river with a bridge over it and a ruined windmill on the other side. We heard yelling as we approached, "come no closer!" He threatened that "Malrogan" the undead will come to kill us then he surrendered. As we took him captive. Then a group of 6 men emerged from the woods. Keller said that one of them is Malrogan the undead. Malrogan said "the firestone is mine" then they attacked. We defeated them but Malrogan escaped. Magdala killed one of the prisoners. On of the others told us that Rogan Gorander died during the war and apparently had his hand chopped off. His mummified hand is worn around his neck and is magical. Bartalom then killed one of the prisoners. Orlan and I disarmed our prisoners and released them. Orlan knew this Rogan Gorander. He remembers that he was one of the queen's guard. He lost an arm in combat and then later died from a black blood infection. We returned to the camp and turned Keller over to Arguesto.



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