Searching for Symbaroum

The Promised Land


Let's meet the characters: 

Orlan, a strong warrior who is the last of his line. The Daar name lives and maybe dies with him. His bastard sword and privileged status make him a natural leader.

Fenya, the goblin that carries a big stick, looks for adventure. He travels with his sow familiar Kverula. 

Magdala, a barbarian witch, recently traveled with mercenaries  in Alberator. Now she looks to go home, if she still has one…

Bartalom, a wizard of the Ordo Magica, has been sent North to better himself and discover the mysteries of the ancient Davokar.

Lesh'o:  a broken man still clinging to what little faith he has left in Prios. His family destroyed by abominations, he hunts them down now…

Rageor: a large Orge who emerged from the forest, taught the ways of humans and now is an accomplished warrior in his own right.



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